What the hell is this?

Hello and welcome to my blog.

Life is pretty dull isn’t it? With this blog, I hope to change that, though I am prepared to admit that most of what will go in here will be utter rubbish. If I am unable to post nonsense on my own blog, where the hell am I supposed to post it?

I play a lot of PC video games and as a consequence I have rather a lot to say about them. Most PC games have the potential to be improved with mods, so I hope to use this space to review some of the best modifications I’ve come across. Apart from gaming, I’m interested in History, particularly the Anglo-Saxon period (so much so that I even considered joining an Anglo-Saxon re-enactment group) and the medieval and civil war periods. Finally, I have a fondness for good quality coffee and proper, old-fashioned beer.


 Everyone loves Hoegaarden, right?

Watch this space for more drivel, there will be plenty of it coming pretty soon.

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June 9, 2014 · 10:33 pm